Owen’s First Day of School

Owen is attending a private bilingual school, Bilingo.  The German school system is very different from ours. They do not begin teaching the alphabet and counting until the last year of preschool and their Year One is our kindergarten. So since Owen had a great preschool he has been moved up to Year One. It was really hard to think our boy was already in the equivilent of kindergarten. I am sure mentally he is ready but maturity is another thing. He is still trying to get used to the new schedule. It is on a trial basis so we will see. My next post may be that he has been moved back to his age group without lessons. Oh, well plenty of time to figure this out. The cone you see him holding is an old German tradition that all the Year One students bring it filled with candy and toys. I am sure he thought that was the best part.

I am still without internet and currently at Starbucks. That is why the post are not really in order and I am not sure if I am doing this correctly. Hope everyone has a good day.


One thought on “Owen’s First Day of School

  1. Thanks Patricia, Owen is very handsome in this picture and looks happy. I had not been able to bring this up, so glad that you sent it. I did sign up for new posts and follow-up comments. we are not too up-to-date on this computer “stuff” so bear with us.
    I read all this again, very intersting. I guess we just assume that life is the same everywhere and it is not the same as the U.S.we are a spoiled people.
    Love to all of you and hope that you are having a great day.
    Carl has gone to see Mom James today.

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