Owen is so excited to have another beta fish.

This one is blue. Alas, Owen named him Goofy again

The fish story is so funny and very typical for Germany. We went to a pet store
and all was fine – fish, food, rocks all in hand. I then asked about a fish
bowl. The worker said in no uncertain terms that he would not allow me to leave
the store with the fish if I didnt have at home a tank with a proper filter and
light system. He even used the word “verbotten” to have a fish in a bowl. That
it was just cruel. Needless to say, I said of course I have all that at
home. Bought the fish and then went to the equivilant of Macy’s and bought a
glass bowl. Goofy and Owen are happy at home.


5 thoughts on “Goofy

  1. Hi Tricia!
    This is so exciting. There is something wonderful about having just the clothes on your back for a time, but also nice to rediscover the objects from home that give you a feeling of continuity again.

    Like Starbucks.

    And real cheese, oh yummy goodness! It was all I could do not to go directly from the airport to a cheese shop.

    So interesting about the education differences.


  2. Do I want to be informed of updates? You bet! So glad you have interent and a new beta fish, who is already breaking the law!
    Love to you all, Kay

  3. So cute! Owen looks happy with his new friend. We miss him so much at St. G’s. Sounds like you are finally settling in – woo hoo! Thanks for the updates 🙂

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