Andrew is Here

Well today was a banner day!! Andrew has finished his 757 training in Memphis and arrived today. The weather is so beautiful. It is a perfect fall day. Owen and Andrew are on the terrace playing Chutes and Ladders and the sun is casting the most beautiful glow. It feels like a movie. I know everyone has felt this at one point in time but I dont think my heart is big enough for all the love I feel at this moment. These are the times of our lives that we want to always remember.

Ok, now to the fun stuff. Are you wondering why I have inserted a very bad photo of myself that really shows my age. Look closely and on my ears you will see a new present. Yes, those are diamond earrings. The diamonds are square cut and from the 1920’s. For those that have heard continuosly about how much I wanted them, it finally happened. Lots of tears of joy but of coarse the best present was hubby coming home.

Schuhe, Trica


5 thoughts on “Andrew is Here

  1. Something hard and brilliant, to always remember how strong you can be, and that there is beauty everywhere. Especially in the face of a friend who is happy. oxo

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for you that Andrew is home and you can start your new adventure as a family. Congratulations to Andrew! Much love!

  3. Beautifel earrings, Tricia! He needs to talk to Ray- our 15th is coming up and I’d love some classic diamonds- nice call, Andrew!

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