Cupcake Success

Open House at School was a big success and so were the cupcakes!!!


4 thoughts on “Cupcake Success

  1. Hello Owen,

    We sure do miss you. Rhodes asks me every week when you can come over to play . . . when he saw your new friends he laughed and said, “Owen is a fast runner . . . he’s faster than me.”

    What an exciting adventure. Love,

    The Gravettes

  2. Hi! Sounds like everything is coming along great! Know you are so happy to have Owen getting settled into school and above all, your very own things around you! Please keep it coming – what a wonderful geographical lesson for our boys to get to see your adventure on the other side of the ocean.

    Many thanks and big hugs to you from Sneed Rd.!
    Anne Trainer

  3. Hope all is well with you in Germany! Great pictures, and I was laughing about your tampon comments. A bit over the top for me, Tricia, blogging bout tampons, but honey, I feel your pain! LOL Owen looks like he is doing so well, and you seem like an expert after only being there for a few months! Impressive and hope to see you put those skills to work as a tour guide for us girls one of these days! Miss you! Love, MB 🙂

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