Life is the same everywhere

Life seems to be the same regards of where you live. This is from Friday afternoon. Owen’s school was having an open house on Saturday for families applying for next school year. Of course, I was to bring a baked item. I had left the grocery store and it was 5:30 pm. I was stuck in rush hour traffic and just need to get home unload the groceries, cook dinner, bake cupcakes for the open house and finish Owen’s birthday invitations. The day just made me feel right at home.


One thought on “Life is the same everywhere

  1. Trish, love the blog. I’m glad everything is working out. You and Andrew have been a Godsend for me! Thank you for being some of my “adult” supervision. I know we have some issues to overcome with this LOA and everything else involved with moving over, but I’m working on it. By the way, Owen looks like a real hoot, want to trade an 18 and 16 y/o for him? Mine are mostly house broken…so much so I can’t wait for Jake to go to UT next fall. Take care and let me know if I can send you anything…except the feminine products šŸ™‚

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