Birthday and Gerburtstag


Finally a month later I am getting to the birthday post. Of course Owen had a great time with two birthday parties. It is considered bad luck to celebrate your “Gerburtstag” early in Germany. We had a dilemma because Owen’s bday was on a Monday that Andrew was leaving for a week trip. Of course we solved the problem by having two parties. One on the Sunday before the actual day with our American and British friends and another at McDonalds after his bday with all his classmates. The amazing thing was we invited sixteen kids to the McDonalds party and all came. Talk about chaos. Thankfully several of the parents are fluent in English and really helped me out.


3 thoughts on “Birthday and Gerburtstag

  1. Aww…Happy Birthday to Owen! Miss you guys and hope all is well. Tell him that I am proud of him for dressing up as a knight…St. George would be proud. God Bless!

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