Christmas December 2011

This Christmas was wonderful. In Germany things are the same but a little different. St. Nick comes on Dec 6 and you put your “cleaned” shoes out for him to leave a gift. Of course, Owen was very excited about this and put his good leather shoes in the kitchen sink, turned on the water and said, “Mom, I have cleaned my shoes”. For some regions, this is the only time that St Nick comes. In other areas, he also comes on Christmas Eve. We of course decided to do both. Owen was able to see St. Nick twice. Once with his school class and for an “American” Gingerbread Decorating Party. It was quite fun as I tried to explain to the hotel the type of decorations we were requesting. Many of the gingerbread houses here have Hansel and Gretal dolls standing at the front door of the house. Just a little ominous for me. Also, St. Nick has a “Golden Book” with notes about the good things each child has done and one thing they need to work on. We had a great visit from Andrew’s mom or as Owen call her “Nannie”. Thankfully Andrew was home even if was just for the actual day. We even had a few snowflakes the night before. Of course Christmas was all about Owen. He received so many gifts it would be crazy to try to list them all. But I am so thankful to all our friends and family that sent gifts. It was so nice to have a bit of home. His favs were Knight castle from Santa and this hat from Nannie. You will see this hat in so many of the upcoming post because he has worn it constantly.



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