Enjoying the Winter

The first week of January we were very fortunate to go skiing with our new and great friends, Amy and Jess. They are both ski experts/instructors/Coloradoans. It was a wonderful family vacation. Owen and Ruby (their 4 yr. old) were in ski school together and had a great time. On the last day they were even able to ski one of the small slopes. I do think that Owen’s favorite part was the “piston bullies” that groomed the course in the evening. We were in a house that was right on the side of the mountain and Owen could watch them from his bedroom window. My favorite part of course was sitting at the restaurant on the top of the mountain having a hot toddy. It is very cold and tiring when you really can’t ski but want to do it anyway.

For the last few weeks, Owen has loved playing on the frozen lake. The park that is right beside our neighborhood has a beautiful lake with tons of ducks and swans. With the cold weather it was frozen over for at least two weeks. Families were out ice skating, playing hockey and even playing curling. Owen had a blast with his friends Hayden and Hudson. Of course, all pictures are in the sock monkey hat.




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