Italy 2013

Pisa ItalyWe spent a wonderful week in Italy for Spring Break. It is a place that I have always wanted to visit. The country not only lived up to our expectations but exceeded them. We spent a great day in Florence and half a day in Pisa and then off to Tuscany. Montepulcino is a beautiful small Italian town with access to all of lower Tuscany. The country side is just as we have seen it in all the movies and pictures. Next we spent three days in Rome. This city is clean and  beautiful and the perfect big city for children. Owen loved all the Roman ruins and especially the Colosseum. All of the beautiful fountains and the great pasta was perfect for a six-year-old. The best part is how much the Italians love children. Just one hour away and on the way to the Amalfi coast are Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii. Pompeii is larger and more moving than you can imagine. Mt. Vesuvius was a great place to drive by just for the history. Owen has his own “lava” rock. The park is quite run down and full of trash. It is not a place to plan on hiking or picnicking but worth the short drive from Pompeii. Exactly the opposite is Positano. The small town is picturesque with multi-colored homes built into the hills that surround a small inlet of the Mediterranean. The views from the hotel were amazing. So many times, when one plans a vacation there is a great deal of optimism for the “perfect” vacation. This one came really close.


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